Don’t you hate when all your nails are long and one of them splits? Don’t you hate those painful, deep splits? Who says you need to cut down the other 9 nails when only one of them is broken? Fix your split nail with these 6 easy steps and save money on repairing them at the salon!

things you’ll need:
- filer
- coarse/semi-coarse buffer
- nail glue
- empty, cut up tea bag or muslin strip
- small scissors

1. Clean any polish off your nail.
2. Obtain your tools, have them ready in front of you because you’ll need to move rather quickly.
3. File the edge of your nail where it’s split and buff the surface to get rid of any blunt edges.
4. Cut your tea bag or muslin strip (I used a muslin strip) into a tiny piece that will cover up the entire split on your nail. A tea bag is preferable over a muslin strip because they are a lot thinner and almost completely transparent, but if you don’t have one (like me) then a muslin strip is okay.
5. Put a tiny dot of nail glue on the split, and with your finger or a pair of tweezers, place and position the tea bag or muslin strip piece onto the glue, then quickly cover the entire piece with nail glue. Be careful, nail glue is really strong!
6. Allow glue to dry. Buff the glue and strip until it’s practically smooth, but not so thin that you’ve ruined all your work. Muslin strips are a lot thicker so it could take more time to buff until it’s smooth. Be patient and enjoy your freshly mended nail!